Wolves in the Wild: Lamar Canyon Pack - Old Wolf Photography

The OLD Lamar Canyon Pack in winter 2011. Famous 06 Female, the alpha, is in the lead, with the black alpha male 755M and his black brother 754M following close behind and the yearlings coming up from the rear. Between the brothers, is the grey, 776 F, who will soon become the new alpha female of a new Wyoming pack, the Lamar East Pack, after the tragic shootings of the 06 Female and 754M. This shot makes a nice print if you are a wolf fan and want a picture with every wolf from the pack in one shot. Middle Grey is further back in this line. She is the sister and litter mate of 776F, and as 776F forms the new pack, Middle Grey will take over the Alpha Female position for the few remaining Lamars. Both had puppies, we believe in April 2013.