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Watch for more exciting new puppy images coming to this page very soon!

Let me introduce you to the wolf puppy I call “Thunder”!

I first met Thunder late in July 2019 during an accidental sighting. I was fortunate to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right camera.

Thunder is one of the seven puppies which are believed to belong to 969F, a subordinate female from the Junction Butte Pack in Yellowstone. I was surprised to have a sighting of some of her puppies while they were being baby-sat by the Gray Male Yearling.

At one point I looked over my shoulder and Thunder suddenly appeared on the hillside behind me. I kept my distance, was careful not to approach the pup, and I stayed hidden so as not to disturb it. Thunder was making it’s way through the tall grass and blue-green sage on it’s way to the rest of the puppies. As is typical with a returning wolf, there was a joyous rally with the rest of the pack, but in this case instead of the deep soulful tones of the adults, there was an adorable chorus of high pitched puppies, and much tumbling and rolling as if the circus had just come to town.

Fortunately, I was all alone, and so to protect the puppies I kept the sighting, as well as the location and other circumstances secret. But now the puppies, including Thunder, have joined the rest of the pack, as well as the puppies of 1109F, and so I feel it is safe to finally share these unique photos of this adorable 3 month old wolf puppy.

Working with the photos over the past few months I have come to call this wolf Thunder, because while the other pups were gathered on the opposite hillside, Thunder was off bravely walking all alone. I know it is not popular to give names to Yellowstone wolves. If you prefer, you can identify it as the “brave black puppy, with the gray face, dark black muzzle, a small white spot on its chest, and a white scent mark”. I’m just going to call it Thunder, for now.

I will be posting more photos of Thunder, and other wolves, in the weeks to come, so I encourage you to follow Old Wolf Photography on Facebook or Instagram, if you don’t already. I promise you will thoroughly enjoy this photo set, and I hope you also enjoy the rest of my wildlife photos as well. Eventually, the full photo set will be posted on my website.

Please keep in mind that these photos are shot with Professional Equipment in very good light, and then cropped to make them appear much closer than they actually were, but I hope the effect is that you feel a sense of intimacy with the wild little wolf puppy I have come to adore. Keep your eyes open for more exciting new photos to come!

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