Old Wolf Photography

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Russ Kehler

When I was seven, I bought my first box camera at the grocery store for $5. I immediately headed for a woods near my house and tried desperately to find a way to capture the magical way the sunlight lit up the green maple leaves above my head, and then sparkled across the rippling waters of the stream at my feet. All my life I have run to the wild places to find peace. And I am still, after all this time, struggling to find ways to capture what I feel in those places on film. I hope you find that in some photos, I have done that for you, though I know it is a bit like capturing the wind in a bottle.

If you enjoy my photos, and they bring you closer to your center, please feel free to order prints here on the website. I would be honored to have you display one in your home or office. I strongly urge you to select the metallic prints for the best results.

I can be reached at oldwolfphoto@gmail.com Email me

If you share my concern for wild places please help me support the Yellowstone Wolf Project by donating to the Yellowstone Park Foundation's Old Wolf Photography Fund Raiser

Another great way to support wildlife is to donate to Defenders Of Wildlife